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Eidos Corporation

Eidos Corporation

4755 N. 48th St.
Suite A
Lincoln, NE 68504


Model 103

Designed for working in a variety of difficult to access work areas. Ideal for maintenance, inspection or production environments. The Model 103 WorkMaster puts you at the right angle!

Model 107 Low Master

The LowMaster positioner is designed for heavy use in the most demanding industrial environments. It keeps a fully contoured position relative to head and neck throughout it's range of motion. Its durable contstruction features only top quality materials. All heavy wear parts are replaceable-seat, casters, and gas cylinder.

Model 109-HR

The Model 109-HR is the newest addition to our Industrial product line. A great tool for those hard to reach applications. As one of the two models with a vertical adjustment, it raises in one inch increments via PTO pins.

Model 117 GSW

The Ranger from Eidos - a fully adjustable work station constructed of steel for years of tough industrial service. With a foot-print approximating that of an office chair, the GSW is well suited for the types of demanding manufacturing and maintenance environments that often destroy a lesser product in short order. Not just a better idea- the GSW was designed at the requested of several Fortune 100 manufacturers who desired a safe work work station, with adjustable range of work height, comfort and durability, all in a cost effective package.


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