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EZ FireControls Distributors Inc

EZ FireControls Distributors Inc


EZ FireControls Distributors Inc. is dedicated to providing premier fire alarm equipment. To that end, we approach this statement with a focus on sound engineering, aesthetics, functionality and cost. 


Manual Pull Station Relocator

The Manual Station Relocator is designed to lower the height of a fire alarm pull station to meet ADA requirements. Most existing pull stations are mounted 60 inches (1524 mm) or higher above the floor. The Relocator lowers the height without the need for pulling new wires and moving the existing electric box.

The Relocator is the easiest and most economical way to lower existing pull stations. Simply remove the existing pull station from the wall. Connect field wiring to Relocator terminals. Reconnect the existing (or new) pull station to wire leads on the front of the Relocator. The Relocator is made from rugged aluminum and finished with an attractive beige finish. A large blue/white wheelchair decal is applied to the front to clearly indicate pull station accessibility.

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