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EPIC Solutions

EPIC Solutions

4258 3rd Ave N
Suite 250
Fargo, ND 58102


Cone Handling System

Setting cones is easy and safe with the Cone Setter CS 3100. Just stay in the truck and slide cones into the system. The CS 3100 automatically sets cones at either manual or programmable intervals using hand held controls.



Marker Remover TPM 2200

Removing markers can be as risky a venture as applying them. Any time a worker must walk on the road surface, it can be dangerous. The patent pending Marker Remover TPM 2200 is so safe and simple to use that it only takes ONE WORKER. The truck can stay in the desired lane, as the machine works from either side of the truck. This RAM will also save lives, save labor through automation.

Temporary Pavement Marking System

The Temporary Pavement Marking System's TPM 2100 applies "L" shaped reflective markers in adjustable patterns with greater accuracy than manual application.

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