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Dynasound, Inc.

Dynasound, Inc.

6439 Atlantic Blvd.
Norcross, GA 30071


Centralized Sound Masking System

Centralized sound masking systems are made up of speakers, hard-wired together, with all speakers in a hard-wired zone receiving the same audio signal. For office environments that have consistent acoustical conditions, and basic paging requirements, centralized systems remain a good choice. Speaker mounted volume controls provide adjustment on a local basis.

Distributed Sound Masking System

Distributed systems are a cost effective approach to small systems, consisting of perhaps a single speaker or just a few speakers. No centralized or networked "front-end" equipment is needed. Each DS1082 sound-masker is a self-contained system. Each DS1082 has individually adjustable volume and low-pass filter controls. Up to ten DS1082 sound-maskers can be powered from one transformer.

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