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48" x 52" Green TuffTop Tractor Canopy Model XLR52

The 48" x 52" TuffTop is a lightweight sunshade canopy specifically designed for small to mid-sized compact tractors. Includes mounting brackets and fits all square and rectangular roll bars 2" x 2" up to 2" x 3".Constructed of high-density thermoplastic, you can bend it double, and it simply pops back into shape. This is the same material used in the manufacture of highway crash barrels, and UV inhibitors are included to extend equipment life. It is durable, resilient, flexible, and best of all affordable. Because of its modular design, if one of the components becomes damaged (unlikely) or lost, you can replace that part only. This means TuffTop provides you the lowest lifetime ownership cost. Weight: Roll Bar Mounting Bracket: 8 lbs., Canopy : 29 lbs.

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