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Don Johnston, Incorporated

Don Johnston, Incorporated

26799 West Commerce Drive
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Co:Writer Universal

Co:Writer Universal for Google Chrome uses grammar- and vocabulary-smart word prediction to help students better express their ideas in writing across devices. And now built-in speech recognition adds an entirely new way of getting ideas out!

Only Co:Writer Universal gives students access to the most powerful word prediction on their favorite devices (Chromebooks, iPads, and Mac/Windows desktops), over 4 million Topic Dictionaries, built-in speech recognition in Google Chrome, and incredible privacy-safe data collection.

Whether on iPad, iPhone, Chromebook, or desktop, your students will have access to their favorite writing tool! Preferences and Dictionaries are stored in the cloud, so your students can access their personalized supports from anywhere, on any device—even offline.


Most struggling writers spend less than one minute planning (Writing Better, 2005). This is why we developed Draft:Builder. It breaks down the writing process into three manageable steps: 1) brainstorming, 2) note-taking and 3) writing the first draft.

With this structure, students learn to generate ideas and organize them to form a cohesive paper. Draft:Builder is particularly useful to students with Autism Spectrum Disorders and Asperger’s who have trouble with organization.


Incite! Learning Series

The Incite! Learning Series is a collection of original short films and a thought-provoking instruction model to engage every student in the critical thinking and feeling process. This research-based program was developed around the science of how students learn best using the theory of “anchored instruction” and “front-loading” standards-based curriculum.


Read:OutLoud 6 makes it easy to provide access to the new electronic books required in IDEA, and the included web browser makes the internet fully accessible. Read:OutLoud provides accessibility supports like text-to-speech and study tools that help students read with comprehension. Providing access to the curriculum is easier than ever with Read:OutLoud.

Sensor Switch

Adjustable sensitivity detects the tiniest muscle movements enabling position for forehead, eyebrow, finger or any muscle. Delay feature prevents accidental activation from unintended movements.

  • Students can use one or two switches
  • Three switch modes (momentary, latch and timed)
  • Includes battery, two sensors, one headband, and two 1/8″ plug cables

Switch Interface Pro

It requires no software and can be used with Windows, Mac, and Chromebooks! Five ports allow you to plug in multiple switches and provide the flexibility of emulating everything from a single-click to a return. Consequently, your students gain access to the widest variety of switch-accessible software available. You’ll be surprised with what your students can do—run a PowerPoint presentation, play and pause a music player, and turn pages in an eBook.

Just push a button to change function sets. Connect up to five standard switches to run switch-enabled software from the widest variety of publishers. All the information you need to operate the switch interface is printed right on it. Teachers get programs up and running in seconds. Bright indicator lights tell teachers which functions are active. Connects to USB ports and the extra-small size makes it easy to tuck away and travel. Each interface comes with the cables needed for connecting to the computer.


Make letters, numbers and function keys more visible. ZoomCaps™ have upper-case letters with white letters on black for high contrast or black letters on beige to match keyboard. Lower-case keyboard labels from Hooleon feature color-coded vowels, numbers and keyboard functions.

  • Easier viewing for students with low vision
  • Color-coded letters, numbers and keyboard functions

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