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Diversified Fall Protection, Ltd.

Diversified Fall Protection, Ltd.

24400 Sperry Drive
Cleveland, OH 44145


Diversified Fall Protection specializes in the design, development, and manufacture of highly engineered fall protection systems designed to keep workers safe while working at heights. 


Portable Truss Anchor

The Portable Truss Anchor uses the overhead truss system in your building to create an OSHA compliant tie-off point for personnel working at heights. Unlike permanently attached fall protection anchor systems that require a SRL at each location, the Portable Truss Anchor is a cost effective alternative solution that installs in minutes–where and when you need it.


Tip Over Post Single Point Anchors

Tip Over Post Single Point Anchors are designed for rooftop applications with pitches of 4:12 and less.  When engaged during a slip or fall, the post tips over, dispersing the energy and preserving the structural integrity of the roof.  Tip Over Post Single Point Anchors can be utilized with a wide variety of roofing substrates including single ply membrane, built-up asphalt, metal, and standing seam metal roofs.  Single point anchors are cost effective and easy to use, making them an ideal fall protection solution for clearly designated work areas in which a wide range of motion is not required.  If the work area is larger than what we term “the 30 degree cone of safety,” horizontal lifeline is recommended for maximum worker mobility.  If you have questions about the suitability of a fixed anchor point for your application, please contact the safety experts at Diversified Fall Protection for additional information.

Trolley Beam Fall Arrest Systems

Trolley Beam Fall Protection Systems are common indoor fall protection solutions for applications where total fall clearance is minimal, therefore minimizing fall distance and deflection is critical. Trolley Beam Systems are attached to existing overhead structural steel, allow for excellent range of motion, and easily accommodate multiple users.  After assessing your facility’s unique access points and fall hazards, our safety engineers can design, fabricate, and install a Trolley Beam Fall Arrest System that complies with all OSHA regulations.

Vacuum Single Point Anchors

Vacuum Based Single Point Anchors are ideal for aircraft maintenance and inspection applications, providing temporary OSHA compliant tie-off capability where and when your mechanics need it.  Unlike rigid rail fall protection systems which can be cost prohibitive and ground based lift devices that can damage aircraft, vacuum anchors are versatile, simple to use cost effective solutions that rely on compressed air to suction the anchor to the surface of the aircraft.  Vacuum anchors can be used for single point fall protection, or paired to create a temporary Horizontal Lifeline (HLL).

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