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Disability Work Tools

Disability Work Tools

12152 Cascade Road
Lowell, MI 49331


The mission of Disability Work Tools (DWT) is to make adaptive tools readily available so people can independently perform hands-on tasks in spite of injury, aging or disabling condition. We motivate active people to be productive by using tools that improve efficiency and minimize physical pain. We challenge people to use foresight, selecting the best tools for the job, so they can work longer and feel better.


Air-ride seat Tractor and Construction Equipment

Air-suspension heavy equipment seats cushion the worker's back from the sharp bumping and jarring due to driving on uneven terrain. Soothe your aching back while operating heavy equipment. Dampen the jarring, jolting and jerking and enjoy a smoother ride with less pain. This reduces the stress to the lower back caused by hours spent driving equipment. The typical mechanical suspension systems on heavy equipment do not adequately dampen the jolting bumps experienced on rough terrain for operators with back impairments.

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