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Disability Systems, Inc.

Disability Systems, Inc.

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ADAEZ Pro Complete Commercial Door Opener

The ADA-EZ is a wire free handicap commercial door opener allowing for easy access into your facility by people with disabilities. The ADAEZ door opener is a heavy duty, low energy door opener intended for commercial use. It uses a Regenerative Drive System which charges a battery pack, eliminating the need for electrical power under certain conditions*. (The kit also comes with a plug-in transformer for continuous power.) The battery acts as a built-in power supply during a power outage. The unit is small in size but is very robust and is simple to install and use. ADA EZ has been designed for doors up to 48” in width and 250lbs in weight. Included are two jamb style wireless push buttons with transmitters, plug-in hard wire option, push or pull mounting hardware and an aluminum dress cover making the ADA EZ door operator a complete ADA door opening solution. Larger activation switches are available.

OnTrac Wheelchair Ramp

The OnTrac wheelchair ramp is the perfect solution when you have 1-2 steps and need the extra safety of handrails. The elderly are particularly susceptible to losing their balance when on a ramp if they do not have handrails to hold. A person in a manual wheelchair can also benefit from the handrails by using them to pull themselves up the ramp. The most attractive benefit is that a wheelchair cannot go over the side with the handrails installed.
If you're looking for a folding wheelchair ramp without handrails, take a look at the Single-Fold Ramps and the Multi-Fold Ramps. If you need a commercial ramp to meet ADA compliance please go to our Modular Ramp page.
The OnTrac Ramp comes with a limited lifetime warranty.**

Single-Fold Wheelchair Ramp

The single fold wheelchair ramp by PVI combines lightweight materials with amazing strength to give you the perfect product for either a short or long-term need. PVI manufactures the only access ramps given UL certification. With a range in length from 2 ft. – 8 ft., the Single fold Ramp by PVI is sure to fit your need. This product is covered edge-to-edge with superior traction tape that allows for a slip-resistant surface in any weather condition.

Wireless Automatic Door Activation Package

Packages contain everything needed (except the door operator) in order to wirelessly activate an automatic door. Please refer to individual product pages for specific information on package components.

Packages contains activation switches, transmitter and receiver.
Dual switch packages are available as an option in our shopping cart to satisfy California code requirements.

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