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Disability Management Employer Coalition

Disability Management Employer Coalition


The Disability Management Employer Coalition (DMEC) is committed to providing focused education for absence management professionals. From face-to-face conferences to helpful tools and resources, we give you what you need to reduce costs, minimize lost work time, and increase staff productivity. Learn about our history and what’s ahead in the next few years.


ADA Accommodation Process Microcredential Course

The acceleration of ADA accommodation requests, combined with the increase in complexity, has created significant challenges for managing compliant and effective accommodation programs. The ADA Accommodation Process Microcredential Course offers specialized training to effectively and confidently navigate employee accommodation requests.


The Four Modules In The Course Include:

  • Conducting the Interactive Process

  • Making Accommodations

  • Communication and Documentation

  • Tracking, Managing, and Monitoring Accommodations

Certified Leave Management Specialist (CLMS)

As state and federal leave laws continue to expand, more and more companies are finding the need for professional leave management specialists. Distinguishing yourself as a leave expert can be a challenging task — DMEC’s new Certified Leave Management Specialist (CLMS) training is the answer!

Exclusively offered by DMEC, the CLMS program is the only professional designation of its kind that provides interactive, hands-on training to ensure your programs effectively comply with state and federal leave laws. Set yourself apart from the competition with our user-friendly, online self-study course.

FMLA/ADA Training for Supervisors and Managers

According to the 2019 DMEC Employer Leave Management Survey, training supervisors and managers ranks as the top challenge for employers of all sizes and industries. In addition, the Department of Labor cites supervisor training as a top area of non-compliance for employers.

To address this critical area of concern, DMEC offers FMLA/ADA Training for Supervisors and Managers. This online training subscription is intended to provide front-line managers and supervisors with high-level information about how to identify a potential Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) or Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) request by an employee and offer insight into the employee’s rights and responsibilities once an event has been identified.

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