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Disability Inclusion Solutions (DIS)

Disability Inclusion Solutions (DIS)


Disability Inclusion Solutions (DIS), founded by CEO Andrew Houghton, specializes in the development of programs and services that promote full inclusion for people with disabilities. Andy has used a wheelchair since a 1986 motorcycle accident resulted in paraplegia. For over 20 years, his expert team has offered inclusion solutions that work. With offices in South Florida and production facilities in Southern California, DIS has the capacity to mobilize teams across the country and abroad to meet our clients’ needs.


DIS - Universal Design

Disability Inclusion Solutions (DIS) believes Universal Design is a process that enables and empowers a diverse population by removing physical and social barriers.  Outcomes include improvement in the areas of:

  • human performance
  • health and wellness
  • safety outcomes
  • social participation
  • economic measures

In short, universal design has the potential to make daily and work life healthier, more productive and friendlier. It’s a change in mindset by looking through a series of different lenses.

Forward-thinking, innovative organizations succeed by staying relevant in the marketplace and enriching experiences for all – including the workforce. Disability Inclusion Solutions (DIS) brings project management expertise in Universal Design and digital accessibility strategies to build out fully accessible workplaces.

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