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Direct Mat

Direct Mat

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Ringgold, GA 30736


Carpeted Anti-fatigue Mat - 5/8

A carpeted anti-fatigue mat that looks and feels great. Designed to provide maximum relief from leg and back stress that can occur from standing for long periods of time.

  • 100% closed cell nitrile rubber cushion
  • Feels great!
  • Slip-resistant 100% solution-dyed nylon top surface will not fade.
  • Static-dissipative nylon top surface makes Heavenly Plush ideal for use around sensitive business machines


Heavenly Anti-Fatigue Mat

Heavenly Anti-Fatigue Mat feels just like it sounds. This is one durable anti-fatigue mat as well. Solid nitrile rubber surface is excellent for chemical resistance, while its textured scale surface is slip resistant.

  • Durable nitrile rubber surface and backing
  • Chemical, oil and animal fat resistant
  • OSHA approved colored borders available
  • Three unique surfaces available
  • Heel resistant
  • Waterproof


Wood Look Anti-fatigue Mat

The beautiful Wood Look Anti-fatigue mat establishes a new standard of beauty in anti-fatigue mats. Wood Look Anti-Fatigue Mats have the rich look of hardwood flooring to enhance your work place while providing the simplest and most effective way to reduce fatigue and stress.

  • A super resilient closed cell polymeric sponge base provides exceptional buoyancy to reduce fatigue plus a surface for the toughest environments.
  • Permanently bonded to a 3/8” resilient sponge base, overall thickness is ½”.


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