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Direct Industry

Direct Industry


Electric Load Pusher Puller

The new All Terrain Pusher is a powerful and effective electric pusher designed to push wheeled loads that require no steering. With an application on rails, a pushing capacity of up to 34,000 kg can be achieved. The direct gearbox and motor supplies endless power, supported by the tug's tough steel chassis. The automatic height adjustable support wheel adds performance and operator safety as standard making it very easy to use

Master Mover Pedestrian Tug MT200

The MT200 is the entry level machine in the MasterTug range. For the safe and efficient movement of wheeled loads up to 2,000 kg the MT200 is a non-hydraulic tug which is commonly used in the industrial or commercial sector to easily transport multiple trollies with complete control. Simple to operate and with multiple safety features, this electric tug helps to increase productivity and also reduces injuries.

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