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Designs for Vision, Inc.

Designs for Vision, Inc.

760 Koehler Avenue
Ronkonkoma, NY 11779


Designs for Vision, Inc. is a manufacturer of Low Vision devices for the partially sighted. Providing more cosmetically appealing options in telescopic and microscopic glasses. We offer ClearImageII® and Prismatic spectacles for near viewing, Bioptic, Full Diameter and the Politzer Telescope Series for distance viewing and Spiral Telescopes for multi-tasking. Exclusive Distributor of E-Scoop® in the US. Rebate program available for all diagnostic fitting kits. 


3.5X Panoramic Loupes

See the bigger picture with the patented panoramic design – the first advancement in telescopic optics in 100 years

Doubles the Viewable Area over Prismatic Expanded Field optics, and more than quadruples the viewable area over Galilean Standard Field optics

3.5X Precision Magnification with an unprecedented 11.1 x 9 cm field of view

Designs for Vision Custom Optics with crisp side to side imaging and rectangular shape for maximum peripheral vision.

ClearImage II Microscopes

This cosmetically pleasing optical system has a 40 mm lens providing the widest possible field of vision that is clear, crisp, and distortion-free from edge to edge. The patient’s astigmatic prescription may be incorporated into the system, allowing for ease of reading never before possible. A combination of high index glass and a permanent Magnesium-Fluoride Anti-Reflection coating ensures the blackest, sharpest resolution

POWERS AVAILABLE 2X ( 8 diopters) 3X (12 diopters) 4X (16 diopters) 5X (20 diopters) 6X (24 diopters) 7X (28 diopters) 8X (32 diopters

E-Scoop Glasses

The E-Scoop® glasses were developed to bridge the gap between standard eyeglasses and head borne telescopes.  Whether your difficulty be night driving, bright light, sunlight, or simply seeing clearly in the distance, the E-Scoop® lens will help your patient see better.

The E-Scoop® lens is comprised of five basic optical properties: custom tint, anti-reflective coating, special lens thickness, base curve, and base up prism (4 base, 6 base, or 8 base).  When these five optical properties are combined into the E-Scoop lens, the image is enhanced and shifted to a different part of the macula allowing the patient to see better.

LED DayLite Micro HDi

Uniform Light Distribution
advanced photonic design perfectly images LED for uniform light distribution with maximum intensity

More Illumination
optically focused LED provides 45% more light

Simple One-Touch Operation:
60,000 lux high intensity, 34000 lux medium intensity

Lightest Weight Power Pack (2.5 oz.)
with up to 10 hour run time per pack and low battery indication

LED DayLite UltraMini HDi

Patent pending advanced photonic design provides a uniform field of light distribution with fiberoptic quality light.

45% More Light with HDi's optically focused LED

Modular T-mount 
enables you to easily clip light optics onto your personal eyewear of choice

Coaxial to Your Line of Sight
Custom position and lock the headlight coaxial to your line of sight

Orange Filter
will not cure composites

Micro2.5x Scopes

23% Smaller, 36% Lighter providing lightweight comfort and maximum visibility

True 2.5x Magnification Engineered for dentists and hygienists that require true 2.5X magnification, but request a lighter, smaller device.

Ergonomically Correct – Made for your eyes only Designs for Vision matches the focal length of each telescope to your ideal working distance, customizing the depth of focus for maximum ergonomics.


Magnification plus Protection for UV Curing

Offers protection from both UV and blue light (530 nm and below) emitted from curing lights.

Patented design exclusively available on all Designs for Vision, Inc. dental telescopes.

Custom made to doctor's specific measurements and prescription.

Eliminates changing protective devices, aiding in infection control.

Choice of positioning protective segment may be placed at top or bottom of carrier lens.

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