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DarioHealth Corp

DarioHealth Corp

142 W 57th Street
8th Floor
New York, NY 10019


DarioHealth Corp. is a leading global digital health company serving its users with dynamic mobile health solutions. In today’s day in age, knowledge of health and treatment is being democratized and we believe people deserve to know everything about their own health, and at the same time have the best tools to manage their treatment.


Dario Blood Glucose Monitoring System

The Dario All-In-One Smart Glucose Meter is specially designed to fit your lifestyle in the digital age. This sleek, complete glucose monitoring solution includes a simple-to-use glucose meter, a disposable test strip cartridge holding 25 test strips, and lancing device – and easily fits in your pocket. Using the technology and mobility of your smartphone, the Dario connects to your mobile device and automatically logs your blood glucose measurements, sharing your results with caregivers and doctors – no matter where you are on the globe.

  • Connects directly to your Smartphone – no need for extra cables or adapters
  • Rapid results – receive your blood glucose reading within 6 seconds
  • Accurate – Dario accuracy meets ISO standards with only a small blood sample
  • Pocket-Size Meter – easily fits into your purse or pocket, no need for a bulky pouch or case
  • Battery free – the power comes from the SmartPhone. No need to carry extra batteries for your glucose meter

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