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Dane Technologies

Dane Technologies

7105 Northland Terrace
Brooklyn Park, MN 55428


Manufacturer of power assist equipment for both pushing and pulling applications, used in retail, manufacturing and health care industries - linen and meal carts, mail room, furniture carts, etc.


PowerPal 1000

With 7,000 lb (3,178 kg) of towing capacity, the PowerPal 1000 protects your valuable staff from strain-related injury. Designed to easily and quietly navigate professional spaces, the PowerPal 1000 pushes and pulls case carts, hospitality and service equipment, medical equipment, food trolleys, and other professional supplies. Compact ergonomic design and dual-mode tiller steering allow nearly everyone to move heavy loads safely and easily. The PowerPal adapts to almost any cart with no special attachments, and a wide variety of Dane hitching options are also available to make moving almost any wheeled cart or container possible.

QuicKart M3

With over 200 million hours of operating time no one knows more about building dependable cart retrieval systems than us. Over the years we listened to our partners and clients to engineer the QuicKART® M3 series with the full range of features and functionality most requested by leading retailers. The result: the most powerful, reliable platform for cart retrieval, with the lowest life cycle cost, and highest return on investment in the industry. The QuicKART® M3: the Proven Solution for shopping cart return.

WheelChair Mover

The WheelChair Mover® uses a simple hand lever design that activates secure hitching to a wheelchair’s frame ensuring a controlled and gentle ride for the passenger. Ergonomic design features make it easy for the operator to maneuver the WheelChair Mover® safely with controlled acceleration, deceleration and zero turn maneuverability. Compact and quiet, the Dane WheelChair Mover® is the ideal device to fit within hospital rooms, halls or jet bridge ramps, while meeting the objectives of safe patient and passenger handling programs.

  • .5 HP, 24 V, Geared Front Wheel Drive
  • Rated for 750 lb (340 kg) max capacity
  • Unit is UL-Certified (583 ES)
  • On-Board UL-Certified Smart Charger
  • (2) 12 V Maintenance-Free Batteries
  • White Plastic Shell Resists Rust & Wear
  • Patented Automatic Dynamic Braking for Safe Stopping on Ramps
  • Ergonomic Throttle Control
  • Advanced Safety Features

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