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Danalock International ApS

Danalock International ApS

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Danabridge V3 US, Bluetooth

Plug the Danabridge V3 into a power outlet and connect it to your home Wi-Fi in the Danalock app – then it is ready to be paired with your Danalock smart lock. Remember to place it within Bluetooth range.

The Danabridge V3 enables remote access to your home by providing your Danalock V3 smart lock with internet connection. Operate your Danalock from anywhere with your smartphone.

Danalock V3 for US

The Danalock V3 is a wireless smart lock that lets you easily control access to your home with your smartphone. So stop worrying about lost or forgotten keys, use your smartphone to lock or unlock the door. As the owner of a Danalock V3, you can create an unlimited number of digital keys for your family members, friends, guests or helpers such as a housekeeper or contractor*. Program each user’s access level by choosing permanent or temporary access. Set up alerts, so you know exactly when the lock is used — and by whom.

Danapad V3, Bluetooth

With its Bluetooth interface to the Danalock V3 smart lock, the Danapad V3 keypad extends secure, controlled access. You no longer have to bring a key or a phone when leaving home. With the Danapad V3, access has never been easier. Just create a pin code for each guest and the Danalock system takes care of the rest.

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