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Daedalus Technologies, Inc.

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DAESSY Mounting System

he DAESSY Mounting System is a component based system that allows for customization and limitless configurations to meet mounting needs.

The core elements of the DAESSY Mounting System are the Standard DAESSY Wheelchair Mounts, the Desk Mounts and DAESSY Rolling Mounts. These mounts are available in a standard configuration, or can be modified with common variations, component substitutions or additions for more customization at the user level.

Folding Mount DFM2

The DAESSY Folding Mount (DFM2) as the name implies can be folded away from the user. The two tubes of the Mount are connected by a flexible joint and except for this feature it is identical to the Rigid Mount. The flexible joint allows the horizontal tube, with the device attached or removed, to be lifted up to the side until the two tubes are parallel in a straight-up orientation and then rotated down until parallel to the vertical tube alongside the wheelchair. When folded and removed from the wheelchair the Folding Mount forms a more compact structure than the Rigid Mount.

Rear Folding Mount DRFM6

The DAESSY Rear Folding Mount (DRFM6) also allows a device to be precisely positioned for use but with this Mount the device is folded away behind the backrest of the wheelchair when not needed. Unlike the other DAESSY Mounts the Rear Folding Mount is permanently attached part way down the side of the wheelchair and cannot be lifted out of its attachment clamp. Two flexible joints, one located at the attachment to the wheelchair the other between the two tubes permit a three step Rearward Folding action. In use the joint between the tubes forms a right angle with one tube horizontal across the wheelchair and the other tube leaning forward from the attachment point. The first step in the Folding motion swings the horizontal tube, with the device attached or removed, forward away from the user until the two tubes form a straight line. Both tubes then swing to the Rear at the flexible attachment point and finally the horizontal tube is swung in behind the backrest of the wheelchair.

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