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DQE, Inc.

DQE, Inc.

9910 North by Northeast Blvd.
Suite 600
Fishers, IN 46037


DQE provides practical products and expert support that improves the safety and readiness of the response and healthcare community.


3M Air-Mate™ PAPR

A larger version of the Breathe Easy, the Air-Mate provides exceptional comfort and mobility, though the Air-Mate limits its protection to particulates only (no chemical protection). A replaceable HE P100 filter offers exceptional protection for staff caring for infectious patients.

A lightweight, easy-to-use solution for respiratory protection where particulate contaminants exist. This powered air purifying respirator from 3M features an all-in-one design that provides both comfort and safety. Its filter and battery are enclosed in a single unit, and the battery can be charged either within the unit or externally, using the external battery charger. Up to eight hours of battery service per charge.

3M Breathe Easy™ PAPR

Lightweight, disposable hood provides many advantages over butyl rubber hoods and eliminates fit-testing altogether. Cleanliness, infection control and greater comfort make this PAPR a popular choice.

3M Versaflo™ 300 PAPR Kit with Hood

The 3M Versaflo 300 PAPR is a lightweight, compact and well-balanced belt-mounted unit for positive pressure respiratory protection against airborne particulates. The slim profile is designed for use in tight spaces, and the smooth contoured outer surface is less prone to snagging on nearby objects, making the Versaflo 300 ideal for healthcare settings. Battery charger not included.

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