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Cynergy Ergonomics

Cynergy Ergonomics

St. Louis, MO


Cynergy Ergonomics specializes in ergonomic workstations and material handling equipment such as lifts, articulating arm manipulators, sheet, panel and roll lifters as well as vacuum tube lifting, roll manipulators and material handling equipment. We also specialize in lifting device design, lift assist system designs, material handling vertical lifts, manual ergonomic pick and place systems and workstation improvements for manufacturing, assembly, production and distribution centers that currently use human power for material handling as well as providing automated material handling solutions.


Ergonomic Lift Tables

Cynergy Ergonomics offers a complete selection of ergonomic lift tables and work positioners for pallet handling, assembly work stations, welding booths and adjustable height worker platforms.

There are many ergonomic lift tables and work positioners on the market.  The key is to select the right ergonomic equipment for your application.  Our expertise adds value to your selection process to be certain ergonomics are properly addressed as well as cycle times and duty cycles that will speed production and productivity.

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