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Cover Up Shop Adaptive Clothings

Cover Up Shop Adaptive Clothings

3740 South Walden Street
Aurora, CO 80013


The Cover Up Shop offers alternatives to traditional clothing for those with limited dexterity or impaired mobility. Our products can make a difference in the quality of life, and we are proud to have developed this line of items to help the people we love stay active, independent, comfortable and fashionable.


Adapted Men’s Pants

Our pants are adapted by removing the zipper and replacing it with Velcro® and the button or snap is replaced.  The fly looks as it did before adaptation.   The second option is to open side seams and place Velcro® for complete opening of the pants.  It’s your choice — just choose the “zipper or sides” option when ordering pants.  Our adaptations have helped many men with limited dexterity or impaired mobility return to independent dressing.


Available: Casual, Dress, Or Dress wool pants; Pleated casual and dress pants; and double closing jeans.

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