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Consolidated Plastics Company, Inc.

Consolidated Plastics Company, Inc.

4700 Prosper Dr.
Stow, OH 44224


Founded in 1981, Consolidated Plastics is a family company based in Stow, Ohio. Consolidated Plastics offers a variety of commercial floor matting, bottles, containers and bags. Focused on providing environmentally friendly products, the company is proud to offer many products that are made in the USA including 99% of our floor mats. Aquasorb & Majestic commercial mats are made from recycled rubber tires and drink bottles.


Heavy Duty Rubber Tire Mats

• Insulates against hard, cold, wet, or slippery floors
• 5/8" thick, 2" long rubber links woven on galvanized wire
• Relieves worker fatigue and strain
• Mats are made of 90% post consumer recycled tires and withstand the toughest wear

Ultra Anti-Fatigue Linkable Mats

  • Very durable and extremely comfortable: 3/4" thick
  • Easy to install linkable construction. Two or more easy to assemble components (End & Middle tiles) are used to create a custom length.
  • Beveled edges are built onto the corners and three sides of the Mat End tiles and two sides of the Middle Mat tiles improving durability and simplifying assembly
  • Welding Safe

Very Light Weight Flex Flow Mats

Our Only Dishwasher Safe Mat

  • Lightweight and extremely flexible, providing maximum resistance to water, oils, greases, chemicals and animal fats, plus this 100% Nitrile Rubber mat is also anti-static
  • Antimicrobial treatment guards against odors and degradation caused by bacteria
  • Liquids and debris flow easily through the holes and away from shoes
  • Very Lightweight: 34" x 56" weighs only 15 lbs., easy to handle
  • The overall mat thickness is 3/8"
  • 15% recycled rubber content

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