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Conney Safety Products

Conney Safety Products

3202 Latham Drive
Madison, WI 537444190


3M 8293 P100 Respirator:

Use the 3M 8293 P100 respirator for protection from solid and liquid particles including oily substances. Respirator works when grinding, working with lead, or situations where arsenic or cadmium are present up to 10X the OSHA PEL. This 3M respirator features adjustable straps, 3M Cool Flow™ Exhalation Valve, advanced electret media, standard noseclip and a conformable foam faceseal.

Bolle Duo Safety Goggle: Clear Frame, Clear Anti-Fog and Hardcoat Lens

The Duo features equalizer technology to remove moisture from between the front and back lenses, while balancing inner goggle temperature and pressure with the outside environment to eliminate fogging. Goggle features a TPR frame, indirect lower vents and an adjustable strap. The high-impact double polycarbonate lens is anti-fog and anti-scratch coated on both sides.

Bolle Nitro Safety Goggle: Clear Frame, Clear Anti-Fog and Hardcoat Lens

This low-profile goggle produces optimal fit, even under hard hats and helmets. Goggle features a PVC frame, indirect ventilation and a latex-free adjustable pivoting strap. The lens produces 180º distortion-free viewing and superior optical quality. High-impact polycarbonate lens is anti-fog and anti-scratch coated on both sides.

Direct Safety N95 Respirator: Exhalation Valve

These maintenance-free N95 masks provide economical protection for short term use. Respirators feature an adjustable nose clip, inner foam seal and two heavy-duty straps. For areas with an oil mist, use an R or P respirator.

MSA Advantage 200LS Half-Mask Respirator

Advantage 200LS Half-Mask Respirator is the first to offer MSA's patented Multiflex® System, a soft, pliable combination of rubber and plastic that provides a custom fit. This system is comfortable and also very durable, so it won't collapse during wear. AnthroCurve™ Sealing Surface equalizes pressure to remove unwanted pressure points and provide a tight seal that instantly conforms to the wearer's face. All respirators are NIOSH approved.

Pyramex V2G Eyewear: Black Frame, Clear Anti-Fog and Hardcoat Lens

This eyewear features an interchangeable headband spatula temples, so it can be worn like either goggles or traditional safety glasses. Both offer ratchet adjustment for a perfect fit. Foam padding seals out dust and airborne particles. Lens and frame are vented to increase airflow. Curved lens provides full side protection.

Ultimate FX FF-400 Series Full Facepiece Respirator

3M™ Full Facepiece Ultimate FX FF-400 Respirator is 3M™'s most rugged facepiece, designed to provide you flexibility in the most extreme environments. Engineered to deliver maximum comfort with a wide field of view, this respirator features a soft, silicone nose cup and a large lens that allows for superior peripheral vision. It's also the only respirator with Scotchgard™ Protector, which helps the lens resist dirt, paint and stains, and makes it easier to clean. 3M Cool Flow™ Exhalation Valve helps reduce heat and moisture buildup inside the facepiece.

Uvex Flex Seal Safety Goggle

These silicone frame goggles stay soft and supple in both hot and cold temperatures. Silicone frame also conforms to any facial profile and provides a tight seal to increase eye protection. Uvextreme® anti-fog coating and indirect venting system minimize fogging. Goggles feature a neoprene band fit over virtually all prescription eyewear.

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