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72 West Broadway, Suite 206
Eugune, OR 97401


Cognitopia develops life management applications for people who see the world a little differently. We create cognitively accessible web applications for self-management and executive functioning that help people with cognitive disabilities be more independent while helping caregivers provide better support.


Goal Guide

Goal Guide makes it possible for students to easily create goals, track progress, and share accomplishments with others. Goal Guide can be used as an activity reminder and scheduling system or as a task prompting tool with an emphasis on video modeling and task analysis to support task accomplishment.



MyLife is a tool for IEP self-direction that builds students self-advocacy skills. Students put IEP goals in their own words, document their progress, and use that data to run their own IEP meeting.

MyLife makes it easy for students to organize the content in their IEP and create presentations to run their IEP meetings.

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