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CleanSmart was founded on the vision that families should have access to technologically-advanced cleaning products that kill harmful viruses and bacteria, but without the use of harmful chemicals. After years of product testing and regulatory approvals, that dream is real. No longer must you choose between strong, harsh chemicals or germs in your home. Now you can feel better about the products you use to clean your home that keep your family healthy.


Clean Smart Disinfectant Spray

  • SIMPLY SPRAY, no rinsing, no wiping, air dry; Safe for food contact on counters and all appliances
  • NO HARSH fumes or chemical residue left behind; free of alcohol, ammonia, bleach, fragrances, dyes
  • HEALTHIER HOUSEHOLD; 100% safe to spray and store around children; breaks down to saline after use
  • SIMPLE INGREDIENTS, SMART SCIENCE; Natural disinfecting Hypochlorous kills 99.9% of germs, 100% Safe
  • NATURE'S GERM KILLER, hypochlorous is made by the body's immune system as a defense against germs

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