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Christie Medical Holdings

Christie Medical Holdings

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VeinViewer Vision2

VeinViewer® Vision2 is hospital durable and designed for facility-wide use. Its articulating arm and flexible wrist joint make VeinViewer Vision2 easy to maneuver and position. Place VeinViewer Vision2 at the bedside and using just a couple of fingers move the head of the unit to assess a patient head-to-toe. There is no need to re-position the device.

And VeinViewer Vision2 offers more customization options than any other vascular imaging device. With VeinViewer Vision2 a clinician can: change the color of the projected image, invert or re-size the image, enhance the image using the fine detail mode, increase or decrease the image brightness or take and store a PNG file of the image. The advantage of all this customization is that the clinician can choose which mode provides the best image for her, and which mode provides the best image of her patient’s vasculature.

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