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Charles C Thomas Publisher LTD

Charles C Thomas Publisher LTD

P.O. Box 19265
Springfield, IL 62794


CHARLES C THOMAS · PUBLISHER, LTD. has been producing a strong list of specialty titles and textbooks in the biomedical sciences since 1927. In addition, we also have an active program in producing books for the behavioral sciences, education and special education, speech-language and hearing, as well as rehabilitation and long-term care. Thomas is also one of the largest producers of books in all areas of criminal justice and law enforcement.


Medical Sign Language: Easily Understood Definitions

Garcia, W. J. (1983). Medical Sign Language: Easily Understood Definitions of Commonly Used Medical, Dental, and First Aid Terms. Springfield, IL: Thomas.


This book explains medical terms and shows how to translate the English words into American Sign Language. Each entry lists the term, succinctly defines it, and places it in context. Detailed descriptions of the appropriate sign or signs follow, accompanied by clear line drawings of each sign. This guide serves as both an ASL medical phrase book and as a medical dictionary. (This book is available directly from the publisher: Charles C. Thomas, Publisher, 2600 South First Street, Springfield, IL 62717, 217-789-8980 Voice.)

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