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Cart Mule

Cart Mule

24307 Magic Mountain Pkwy #287
Santa Clarita, CA 91355


Cart Mule Dumpster Mover

Make the Cart Mule Dumpster mover the safe alternative to manually moving the garbage bin or waste container at your location.

Take to heavy work load out of moving Heavy Trash containers.

When the Dumpster Cart Mule mover is attached to the Waste Management bin you will have better controllability when traviling down or up a slight decline.

This is especially useful when pedestrians or moving a bin in high traffic congested areas of a parking lot.

Linen Cart Mule Mover

Save injuries and fatigue with the Cart Mule Linen, battery operated, power Tug. Moves your Linen carts effortlessly Day or Night inside or Outside. Battery powered and emissions free. Tow your Linen trolley up hills and down hills with optimum control. Make sharp turns on a dime. The Cart Mule battery powered movers are small and compact so they stores easily!


  • Run time: 10hr.
  • Height:     47"
  • Length:    42"
  • Width:      28"
  • Load:       10,000Lbs

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