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Cargo Equipment Corporation

Cargo Equipment Corporation

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Cargo Equipment Corporation is a quality tie down manufacturer since 1962.


QRT MAX Kit for A Track

  • Knobless, One-Handed Operation - No knobs to interfere with wheels and footrests and eliminates confusion as to whether additional tightening is required
  • Automatic Self-Locking - Allows easy, one-handed hook-up of wheelchairs
  • Self-Tensioning - No manual tensioning required. Retractors automatically take up ‘slack’ to ensure wheelchair passenger is always secured
  • Positive Lock Indicator - Patented feature clearly indicates when fitting is locked in anchorage (L-track application only)
  • Interchangeable - Eliminates confusion; no right, left, front or rear locations
  • Low Profile & Compact - No mounting bracket allows retractors to fit under most footrests
  • Accomodates Larger Wheelchairs - Reduced overall retractor length leaves more room for wheelchairs
  • Universal Design - Accommodates virtually all wheelchair designs, including scooters
  • Durable - Constructed from hardened steel and coated in zinc for maximum corrosion resistance
  • J-Hook - Reduces twisting of belts and ensures proper securement with a quarter turn accomodating virtually all wheelchair designs
  • Foot Release Lever - Easy release eliminates the need to bend down

Sure-Lok TITAN Retractor Kit for A Track with S-Hook Connection

 The Titan Retractor Series System is an auto tensioning and auto locking wheelchair securement system. It includes the AL728S-4C which is one of the most convenient and proven wheelchair securement system you can buy today. The AL728S-4C wheelchair securement kit includes 4 retractors for A-track. 2 each AL700857S right hand crank retractor assembly with S-Hook and 2 each AL700925S left hand crank retractor assembly with S-Hook. The S-Hook connection is used for the attachment to the wheelchair. This connection design provides easy attachment to a variety of wheelchair designs.

There are many wheelchair securement kits available to fit your specific needs. Please contact us if you have any questions and our trained sales staff will be more than happy to help you choose the best wheelchair securement for you.

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