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Cadan Assistive Technologies

Cadan Assistive Technologies

4131 Old Sibley Memorial Hwy
Suite #200
Eagan, MN 55122


Specialized products and services for people with unique accommodation needs. Areas of specialty include; Blind Low-Vision, Deaf – hard of hearing, Physical Disabilities, Cognitive, Organizational, etc.



The MoreKeyboard is an innovative large key and large print computer keyboard. It is designed to benefit older persons, the physically and/or vision disabled, larger framed and athletic people, children and those whose work requires wearing gloves.

7-Level Communication Builder

It grows with you! The 7-Level Communication Builder is a self-contained communication device. It allows the user to record and play back 1, 2, 4, 8, or 16 different messages per level. There are seven levels for recordings, giving you a total of up to 112 messages (in the 16 window setting). Total record time is 300 seconds. The unit comes equipped with 5 sturdy frame/overlays in 1, 2, 4, 8 and 16 windows. Re-recording is required when you change window frames. Frame size is 8½" x 7". Time per level by window setting, using all seven levels:
1 Window setting = 42 seconds per segment per level
2 Window setting = 21 seconds per segment per level
4 Window setting = 10½ seconds per segment per level
8 Window setting = 5¼ seconds per segment per level
16 Window setting = 2½ seconds per segment per level

C-Pen Dictionary

The Dictionary Pen is a major technological breakthrough for anyone working or studying in a “second language”. The embedded camera and OCR technology enables lookup or translation of words without the need for a single “click”. Simply pass the nib across a word and it instantly displays the definition and reads the word.

It is also a scanner for capturing lines of text and uploading to a PC, Mac or Linux computer, making it ideal for students, teachers and professionals to capture essential information.

There is no software required to upload the text to Windows, MAC or Linux PC’s. Just connect the device to a computer with a USB cable and it appears as an external hard drive.

C-Pen Exam Reader

The C-Pen Exam Reader pen scanner is major technological breakthrough for anyone wanting to read English exam questions. The C-Pen Exam Reader is a totally portable, pocket-sized device that reads text out aloud with an English human-like digital voice.

The Exam Reader has been approved by The Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ)* for use in exams.
This means students who have reading difficulties such as dyslexia can independently take exams knowing
that they can read and understand the questions. No special access arrangements required.

The pen is half the size of other portable pen scanners on the market and at 50g is half the weight. 

As well as promoting Independent Reading this pen is:
- ideal for hearing words & lines of text read aloud
- great for students with dyslexia, reading difficulties and english as a second language 
- designed to allow students to be with their peers in the main exam hall with headphones plugged into their pens
- available in a class set of ten pens

C-Pen Pen Reader

The C-Pen Reader pen scanner is major technological breakthrough for anyone learning English and is a life-saver for those who suffer from reading difficulties such as dyslexia. The C-Pen Reader is a totally portable, pocket-sized device that reads text out aloud with an English human-like digital voice. 

The in-built dictionary puts the power of Collins English Dictionary (30th Anniversary Edition Tenth edition) in your hands. Simply pass the nib across a word and it instantly displays the definition and reads it aloud. It is also a scanner for capturing lines of text and uploading to a PC or Mac, making it ideal for students, teachers and professionals to capture essential information.

The pen is half the size of other portable pen scanners on the market and at 50g is half the weight. Importantly this means it can be used by a younger generation of English learners making this learning tool suitable for children (age 6+) and adults. This is the only portable line scanner on the market that is both Mac and PC compatible. There is no software required, just connect the pen up to a computer with a USB cable and it appears as an external hard drive. Other features include a built-in voice recorder with playback.

Clevy Keyboard

Students with a wide array of abilities will benefit from design of the Clevy2 Keyboard. Large keys, coupled with the color-coding of consonants, vowels and function keys OR the high contrast keyboard model make these boards a great choice for beginning literacy learners, those just learning keyboarding skills, or persons with visual impairments. It’s cross-platform and comes with both PS2 and USB connections. Clevy boards are solidly constructed, have a dwell function switch and a variety of protectors, making it a must have!?

Eye Blink Switch

Easy to position with unique mounting! Just aiming the sensor at the eye will allow the user to control communication devices, toys, or computers. Controls give momentary, timed (1 to 120 seconds), or latched output. Internal circuitry can be set to activate with each eye blink or with every double eye blink to ignore normal eye blinking. An adjustable holder easily mounts to most eyeglass frames or head bands. Eyeglasses not included. Requires 1 9-V battery

EyeGuide Assist

Because of a variety of physical limitations, millions of users can’t interact with computers as they want or need to do. There are many technology solutions out there to deal with this, but many of the very good ones are cost prohibitive, or require users to purchase another computer, or even other additional expensive accessories. EyeGuide™ Assist has been built to change all this. It is a mouse replacement that everyone can afford and use.

Includes 4 rechargeable batteries and recharging unit.

EZ See Large Print Keyboard

Fantastic for visually impaired users! Our new large button keyboard is high quality and is perfect for all low vision computer users. Largest lettering available, attractive low profile key design, large bold legends, high quality switch technology, gentle key bounce force, various multi-media featuers, compatible wit Windows 7, Vista, XP. USB conection.

Hitch Computer Switch Interface

This plug-and-play switch interface brings Ablenet Inc. ease of use to Windows and Macintosh users alike. With no software setup, Hitch is immediately ready to deliver five sets of functions to as many as five switches at a time.

Rows of functions are chosen with a single push of a button. Use Hitch with our software like Wheels on the Bus for single switch access or two-switch scanning. Looking for full navigation? Hitch easily delivers up, down, left, right, and enter controls to your switches.

Hitch even includes a row of functions designed to access your keyboards F3, F5, F7, and F8 keys for use with accessibility software and macros.

Hover with Universal Swivel Plate

Hover is AbleNet's newest mounting system and is made from ultra light and super strong carbon fiber. At 1.1 pounds, Hover is 60% lighter than our popular Friction Knob or Lever Universal Mounting Systems and 50% lighter than the Latitude Arm Mount.

Juliet Pro

Continuing the Juliet Series legacy, the Juliet Pro not only produces high quality Braille, it is unique because it can produce such a wide Braille line, which is a must for  programmers who want to proof their work. It is a durable, desktop embosser manufactured with high quality materials.

It produces high quality double sided Braille up to 56 characters per line, at up to 55 characters per second. The Juliet Pro, as well as the Juliet Classic, are the only Braille embossers available today that can produce such a wide Braille line. Built in a sturdy, steel enclosure it is perfect for those who want a Braille embosser that is built to last, produces high quality double sided Braille at a modest price.

With the Juliet Pro not only will you receive legendary Braille quality, you will also receive speech feedback along with the capabilities of producing Braille on cut sheets of paper, as well as continuous form, tractor feed paper.

KB Covers ClearSkin Keyboard Cover

Designed to protect from dust, dirt, and spills, the ClearSkin keyboard cover has been perfectly engineered to fit your MacBook, MacBook Air, or MacBook Pro (Unibody) and allow the backlit keys to shine through.

The ClearSkin keyboard cover is made of a 0.1 mm advanced space-age plastic so clear that it is almost invisible when put on the keyboard and because it is so thin, you can hardly notice it when typing.

Komodo OpenLab - Tecla Shield DOS

The Tecla Shield is a wireless device that allows control of smartphones and tablets using external switches or the driving control of powered wheelchairs. The Tecla Shield is compatible with iPad, iPhone,iPod Touch and Android devices.

Optimax Wireless Rollerball

With an operating range in excess of 32 feet, it is ideal for use with groups or in the classroom to ensure that everyone can join in!

Lightweight and robustly constructed with no mechanical wearing parts, OPTIMAX can be used as either a desktop or hand-held unit. Optical technology ensures precise cursor control and the bi-directional radio link provides interference free operation.

  • Two additional sockets for switches.
  • Precise tracking and cursor control.
  • Large free-running ball requiring only the lightest touch.
  • Provides a natural hand rest for comfort.
  • Left/right and drag lock buttons.Color coded buttons mounted sub-flush to prevent accidental operation.
  • Rollerball sockets to operate left/right click buttons from remote switches.
  • Easy ‘plug and play’ installation.
  • Up to 6 months battery life.
  • 1 x 9V battery included.


Talk 4 With Levels

Our Talk 4 and Talk 8 Augmentative Communicators are powerful communication tools loaded with useful features. The Talk 4 has 12 levels and single switch illuminated auto scanning. It has a slot so you can easily slide in your icon overlay. The Talk 8 has 12 levels for Two Switch scanning, Automatic scanning, Inverse scanning, and Step scanning. The 2 1/8" x 2 1/8" icon area requires only the slightest touch to play your “true voice” recording. The rugged and reliable Talk 4 and Talk 8 are portable, lightweight and easy to access.
• 12 Levels with 300 seconds of record time
• Recordable level announcer
• Single jack automatic scanning w/LED illumination
• True Voice recording quality
• Adjustable scanning speed (3 speeds)
• Volume Control
• On/Off Auditory Cueing
• Removable, Adjustable carrying strap
• Easy to use slide in overlay track
• Light touch switch membrane
• Optimal Ergonomic 25° angle switch access
• Portable, Durable and weights under one pound
• Optional vibrating feedback

Requires 4 AA Batteries.

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