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American Sign Language Basics for Hearing Parents

King, J. F., & Kelley-King, J. (1995). American Sign Language Basics for Hearing Parents of Deaf Children. Hillsboro, OR: Butte Publications.


Each chapter of this 148-page text introduces a specific ASL concept (e.g., declarative statements, questions, timeline in ASL, word order) and provides parents with related information, exercises, and activities. Each activity section includes games and activities for use with the child and other family members. The practice section lists the English sentence and a gloss for ASL (written ASL approximation of the English sentence). Two supplemental videotapes are also available.

Underwater Communication

King, J. F. (1994). Underwater Communication: A Guide for SCUBA and Commercial Divers. Hillsboro, OR: Butte Publications.

Adapting signs from American Sign Language for scuba diving, the author, a NAUI certified diver with 25 years experience, has prepared this book for other divers' instruction and reference. Designed for simplicity in mind, this is perfect for amateur and professional divers alike to expand your communication base beyond the standard signs you use now. In addition to scuba diving in his spare time, Dr. King currently serves as Coordinator of Language Studies in the Education of the Dear Teacher Training Program at Utah State University.

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