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Bionix Medical Technologies

Bionix Medical Technologies

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Bionix is a quality driven, service oriented multi-national company committed to acquiring, developing, manufacturing and marketing innovative medical products that help people.


Articulating Safe Ear Curette

The Articulating Safe Ear Curette™ is the only curette that articulates to assist in the removal of cerumen from the ear canal. The Articulating Safe Ear Curette™ works because of the unique living hinge at the tip and the split handle design.

Once positioned beyond an obstructive cerumen plug, usually through a space between the ear canal wall and the plug, the tip can be articulated by simply sliding the forefinger and thumb in opposite directions. The cerumen can then be pulled straight from the ear canal without using a blind sweeping motion.

Bionix Safe Ear Curettes

How many products and companies have been started by someone mumbling to themselves, "wouldn't it be great if ......."

That's how the Bionix Safe Ear Curettes came into existence. When Dr. James Huttner was a pediatric resident, his only means of removing cerumen (ear wax) from the ears of children was a standard stainless steel curette, an instrument that often caused trauma and pain in his young patients.

One night he began to experiment. Out of a piece of metal tubing and a few loops of fishing line, Dr. Huttner created what was the prototype of the first Safe Ear Curette, the White FlexLoop®.

"Wouldn't it be great if there was an instrument that could remove wax effectively, but was more flexible and safer than metal curettes?", he thought as he worked. Yes, it would be great. Doctors, parents and especially little children all agree.

And today, after selling millions of Safe Ear Curettes since 1984, Bionix continues to improve and update their product to make it safer, easier and better.

CleaRinseTM Pro Nasal Irrigation and Aspiration

CleaRinse™ helps to quickly collect nasal wash aspirate specimens for
Point of Care pathogen testing. It also provides in office hospital grade
suction for effective upper airway suctioning in a completely portable
and self contained handheld unit.

CleaRinse is the preferred method of specimen collection and nasal suction by parents and medical staff.*

Controlled Flow® Baby Feeder

Everyday in Hospitals across the country, premature and medically fragile babies struggle with the ability to feed and receive nutrition orally. The medical condition of the baby combined with a lack of medical devices designed to address this issue has added to long hospital stays and sizable healthcare costs. Bionix Medical Technologies has developed a product that is intended
to improve this situation.

The Controlled Flow Baby Feeder is an innovative new system that controls
the flow of nutrition equal to the feeding capabilities of the individual baby.
By catering to the needs of the individual baby, the Controlled Flow Baby
Feeder helps them develop the skills needed to successfully oral feed.

Enteral Feeding Tube DeClogger

It's been said that necessity is the mother of invention.

And in the case of the resident that had the idea behind the Bionix Feeding
Tube DeClogger, getting some sleep was the necessity. The resident was working a long shift (is there ever such a thing as a short shift for residents?) and had to be awakened three times to clear the enteral feeding tube of a patient.

"There's got to be a better way to do this," he thought as he unsuccessfully
tried cola, cranberry juice and meat tenderizer to no avail.

But what did work was a basic "screw-and-thread" design combined with a
long flexible plastic probe.

He, the resident, tried his new invention and it worked!

Igloo® Wound Irrigation System

In the world of wound irrigation you need to do two things, and do both of them well. First, any wound irrigator needs to clean out wounds. Secondly, it needs to protect the person cleaning out the wounds.

The Igloo Wound Irrigation Shield does both things, and does them well.

Igloo provides wound irrigation at the recommended 8-12 psi to maximize
cleansing and healing. Igloo can be placed flush on the skin, virtually eliminating back splash.

A lot of products can do one thing. Fewer can do one thing and do it well.
But find the product that can do everything that needs to be done, and do all
of those things well, then you've got something.

The Igloo Wound Irrigation System makes wound irrigation safe and more effective than ever before. The Igloo Wound Irrigation Shield combines proper wound irrigation with a unique design featuring dual exit portals to protect against backsplash. The Irrigation System includes a convenient spray head for continuous flow irrigation.

SafeStrawTM - A Volume Limiting Drinking Aid

The Bionix SafeStraw helps patients with deficient oropharyngeal or oral
motor skills drink safely. Patients with this type of dysfunction have difficulty consuming liquids because of their inability to control the liquid bolus. Pharyngeal muscles react slowly, and the patient loses fluid out of the
oral cavity or aspirate. This difficulty with swallowing is often diagnosed
as dysphagia, a condition shared by over 15,000,000 Americans and is
treated by SLPs, PTs and Home Nursing Care.

How It Works
The SafeStraw™ provides a limited bolus size by use of a fluid chamber,
one way valve, and float. As the patient sucks on the straw, fluid flows through
the valve and into the chamber. When the fluid travels through the chamber to
the straw, the float rises. After around 6.2ml’s the float reaches the top of
the chamber closing it off preventing the patient from receiving more fluid.
Once they stop sucking, the float sinks to the bottom of the chamber.
This break gives them time to control the liquid bolus and safely swallow.
Once the float has reached the bottom of the chamber they can safely draw
another 6.2ml’s of fluid.

The Lighted Ear CuretteTM with Magnification

Bionix has combined the safety of our single-use ear curettes with a powerful LED light source and a magnification lens creating visualization in what has typically been a blind procedure. This design gives you the ability to handle even the most difficult cerumen removal procedures with confidence and enhanced patient safety.

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