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BioBrite, Inc.

BioBrite, Inc.


SunRise Clock Radio

While gently waking to a simulated sunrise, you can let the morning weather report on the FM radio tell what the day will be like before you even open your eyes.  The standard features of this clock include the ability to program your own sunrise and sunset for 15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes; a back up audible alarm; a snooze option; a smart display that dims at night so it won’t disturb your sleep; a nightlight option; your choice of 12 or 24 hour time read-outs; an FM radio with several preset buttons, and a security feature that turns the light on at random times at night to indicate that someone is at home.

SunRise Controller Deluxe Model

The SunRise Controller turns any lamp in your home into a SunRise Clock! Just insert the plug from your favorite lamp into the adapter, and you will have the world’s most sophisticated dawn simulator. Two bedside lamps can be plugged in, as long as the total wattage does not exceed 75W. It includes a high quality FM radio, nature sounds to help you fall asleep, preset buttons, and loads of programmable features. You can opt to wake up to a peaceful sunrise of 15, 30, 45 or 60 minute duration, and wake to a radio station, pleasant alarm beep, or flashing light. When it is time to sleep, let the variable sunset and fade-out radio options lull you into peaceful dreams.  The beautiful large display is very easy to read with clear symbols to indicate which programming options have been activated, and you can choose to have the smart display become dim at night so it won’t keep you awake.

SunRise Traveler Portable

Finally, you can minimize jet lag and maximize your energy while traveling. A handsome 4 ½ in diameter sphere of durable plastic, the fully portable SunRise Traveler can be powered either by 4 AA batteries or internationally compatible USB power. Easy to quickly program, it has 15-minute sunrise and sunset features, and a pleasant chirping back-up alarm. It also has a built-in flashlight, and a light bright enough to read by. Standard US power adapter included.


The Sunsation is a durable, portable and compact table top or desk top light box. Made in the USA, it comes with a lifetime warranty on the light box and a two year guarantee on bulb. Energy efficient, it uses only 55 watts to run it’s full spectrum 5000k, 10,000 Lux bulbs. It also comes with a detachable stand. Spectrally transparent prismatic diffuser that blocks UV, does not filter the quality of light and will not yellow. No heat and no bulb flutter with advanced electronics. Advanced energy efficient electronics that do not overload the lamps. UL Approved. You can also order the optional floor stand and carrying case!


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