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147 Old Amherst Road
Belchertown, MA 01007


2 Tier Cube Carousel

This square shelving column turns in a full 360 degree rotation, enabling easy access to all four sides of storage. The Cube Carousel holds almost twice as many binders per level as a traditional bookcase shelf with the same width. Each tier is divided into four quadrants and each quadrant fits four Standard 3" Bindertek Binders, sixteen binders total per tier.

3 Tier LockFile Carousel Cabinet

Store up to 84 binders within this locking cabinet. Inside the cabinet, a three tier carousel shelving unit keeps binders, files and media in easy reach. Each shelf tier turns in a complete rotation, offering full access to files.

Quiet-action, roller-shutter doors retract within the cabinet to save space. The locking doors protect binders and office supplies from dust, dirt and unauthorized access.

Desktop Carousels

Store up to 40 (2-inch spine) binders on your desk or credenza with this Desktop Carousel model. This "Lazy Susan" style circular storage unit turns in a full 360 degree rotation on your desk.

Binders and books stay in place as you turn the unit. The low profile top shelf provides an extra work surface, so you can store supplies in easy reach.

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