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Bevco Precision Manufacturing, Inc.

Bevco Precision Manufacturing, Inc.

21320 Doral Road
Waukesha, WI 53186


BEVCO is committed to providing safe, ergonomic, high-quality seating solutions by following industry standards in our product development process.  We understand the importance that proper seating has on your health and your environment.



The Dura Series is specifically designed to be the most durable polyurethane chair offering the greatest total body support. The advanced ergonomic features improve productivity and reduce fatigue for outstanding comfort and long-lasting use in the toughest work environments.

Unmatched Strength, Durability, and Comfort

Rugged, self-skinned polyurethane seating provides excellent cushioning properties while offering high-impact resistance. The generous seat size offers plenty of room for all-day comfort while the backrest provides ideal lumbar support to be highly effective throughout the day. Independent testing has confirmed the Dura Series provides the optimal ergonomic seating experience.


BEVCO’s Integra Series is an upholstered chair that offers around-the-clock reliability designed to meet the needs of a variety of workplace environments. This upholstered seating solution provides the most versatility, durability and overall seating enjoyment. The Integra makes working easy!

A Versatile, Ergonomic Chair

The backrest is specifically shaped to provide full back support whether you choose the medium or large back size, which comes standard with a heavy-duty polypropylene back shell to protect the upholstery. The generous seat size provides an exceptional seating experience while the thick, resilient, high-density foam provides long-lasting comfort.

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