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Audioscribe Corporation

Audioscribe Corporation

332 W. Mills Avenue
Breaux Bridge, LA 70517



  • The most feature-rich digital recording software on the Court Reporting market today.
  • Now with Video Capture
  • Simultaneously record up to 6 channels of digital audio on one laptop.
  • Audio files can be played on any PC because they are recorded in standard windows format
  • Record during playback so that you don't loose a thing
  • Job management and archiving for organizing jobs and searching for completed jobs.
  • Easily takes notes (via the keyboard) that can be viewed in the editing process in your own word processor
  • Quickly provide readbacks by hitting a key to move up to the previous question, answer, speaker or note and then another key to PLAY with the option to switch tracks to listen to the room or the reporters track.
  • Inncludes transcription software with footpedal interface and audio management tools
  • Fully integrated to and compatible with speech recognition engines


Job Management: Easily keep track of your work. With a Current list indicating what needs to be completed, to the History list which contains all completed work.

Case Management: Create Cases to easily associate multiple jobs for merging and exporting

Realtime Capabilities: Realtime speech to text with text and audio synchronized.

High Quality Multi Channel Digital Recording: Record up to 5 channels of isolatable, high quality digital audio.

Courtroom Feature: A great tool for official court reporters who deal with docket days where one the cases are called back to back with little time in between. Use Case Macro between each job and simply Bust Out smaller jobs when you must produce those jobs.

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