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Attainment Company, Inc.

Attainment Company, Inc.

504 Commerce Parkway
PO Box 930160
Verona, WI 535930160


We are dedicated to helping people with disabilities succeed at school, work, and life.


Bluetooth Super Switch

The Bluetooth Super Switch is a wireless access device ideal for the iPad or computer with built-in Bluetooth capability. Access any iPad app that's been programmed for scanning, like the GoTalk NOW App, with the Super Switch.

GoTalk 9+

GoTalk 9+ is lightweight and rugged, like all of our GoTalks, and has a 45 message capacity and five recording levels. PLUS three “core messages” which stay the same on each level so you don’t need to re-record essential messages for each level.

GoTalks provide fantastic sound with volume control, easy sequential recording, quick level erase, built-in overlay storage, record lock, level lock and 2-year warranty. It’s a GoTalk so it’s easy to use and affordably priced! Use GoTalks to initiate conversations, support daily activities, talk on the telephone, tell personal anecdotes, practice speaking and articulation, give instructions, participate in small group instruction and more.

GoTalk NOW App

The GoTalk NOW combines the simplicity of GoTalks with the dynamic capabilities of an iPad. GoTalk NOW has all the essentials of an effective AAC app, like adjustable page layouts, customizable navigation, recorded and text-to-speech capabilities, and an included symbol set. The focus here is on the creation of unique and compelling features that unmistakably separate NOW from other apps.

The new GoTalk NOW offers three styles of communication pages: Standard, Scene, and Express.

  • In Standard Pages, the action occurs when the location is pressed.
  • Scene Pages are built around a single photo or image. When you arrange visible or invisible hotspots over people or objects in the photo, they play speech, music or videos! This allows you to mix and match pages within a communication book.
  • In Express Pages, recorded or text-to-speech are linked in the message bar and played in sequence when the bar is tapped.

Available through the Apple Store

Smoothie Switch

The Smoothie is a new, beautifully designed, wired switch for computer or AAC access. It’s available in four colors: red, green, blue and yellow.

All Smoothies feature a large activation area, require low activation force, give tactile feedback and are easily mounted. Smoothies also have a remarkably low activation profile, so users can activate the switch without lifting their hand off the table.

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