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The Braille Pen 12 Touch is a portable Braille input keyboard, so that users can input in Braille directly into a mobile device. With the Braille Pen 12 you can also read the output from a phone, PC, netbook or PDA.

The Braille Pen 12 Touch also includes our unique Clipboard feature which allows you to take a quick note on the unit, without being connected to another device.  When you connect to another device you can press a keystroke and send the contents of your clipboard into an application on the device.

It works right out of the box. No configuration or set up needed. Connect to your phone, network, PC or tablet; navigate your external device, write SMS, browse the Internet, do 6-key entry into your favorite Braille translator, or simply type. Switch between 6-dot and 8-dot Braille.

You get all the functions that you need. Forget about unnecessary buttons and options. Navigation cannot be easier. Use the Joystick to navigate through your external device. BraillePen 12 gives you now evenmore independence with the Clipboard. You can jot a note or phone number without having to be connected to an external device, store it in your BraillePen 12 and later transfer it out to any edit field.

Easy Braille Bluetooth

Despite its tiny size, Easy Braille Bluetooth is a complete Braille display. With its wireless Bluetooth connection, it can be connected to computers such as laptops, personal digital assistants (PDAs) or mobile phones.

With its built-in rechargeable batteries, Easy Braille Bluetooth is perfect for the mobile use. Easy Braille Bluetooth is equipped with 40 piezo electric Braille cells where each cell is equipped with a cursor routing key. This allows to place the cursor on the reading position without the need of moving the hand from the Braille display.

Beside the two navigation keys, the Easy Braille Bluetooth is also equipped with 8 function keys. The setting of the function keys allows to use them for Braille input

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