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Aquila Corporation

Aquila Corporation

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Airpulse PK2 Custom Wheelchair Cushion

The patented Airpulse PK2 (APK2) is a fully-automatic alternating pressure relief cushion. The primary function of the APK2 is to treat pressure sores (pressure ulcers) by providing the ideal healing conditions and performing automatic pressure relief. It can be used on manual wheelchairs, powerchairs or regular sitting chairs.  The power source is a high-tech rechargeable battery.

The APK2 has a soft waterproof foam exterior and internal air bladders that automatically inflate and deflate multiple sets of internal air bladders. This action changes pressure contact points and stimulates circulation in the posterior. The internal air bladders are sized and positioned in such a way to address each client's unique needs and off-loading requirements.

You tell us where the trouble spot(s) or pressure ulcer(s) is located, and we build the cushion to off-load that area full-time, while stimulating circulation throughout the rest of the posterior.

SofTech Custom Seating System

Aquila’s latest innovation in therapeutic seating is the SofTech custom seating system. Like the APK2 the SofTech is designed to treat and prevent pressure ulcers by automatically changing pressure distribution much like an alternating mattress.

The benefits of the active SofTech cushion are similar to doing a pressure lift. Circulation to compressed skin and tissue is re-established.  Circulation is the key to preventing pressure ulcers.

The SofTech is built with the same customization as the PK2 which includes full-time offloading under an existing pressure ulcer.

The SofTech goes a step beyond our APK2 cushion system in that SofTech is a completely self-contained system with the electronics, battery and pump built right into the cushion rather than in a separate controller. 

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