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Amstep Products

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Series 500 Anti-Slip Safety Stair Treads For Renovating Stairs

The affordable way to improve pedestrian safety over both indoor and outdoor stairs

Amstep 500 Series Anti-Slip, Nonskid Stair Treads are an affordable way to renovate and modernize worn stairways without the cost of tearing out and rebuilding or disrupting stair traffic. Amstep anti-slip stair treads provide long-lasting, anti-slip protection and a beautiful appearance. The easy to install renovation treads are engineered and built to outlast ordinary treads by many years.

Amstep 500 Series Anti-Slip Stair Treads are manufactured of high quality, heavy duty extruded aluminum configured to house our exclusive anti-slip traction surface of special abrasive nonskid particles. These particles are bonded and locked into the aluminum base to make Amstep 500 series more durable than concrete, stone or marble.

Series 700 Anti-Slip Safety Stair Treads For Renovating Stairs

Amstep 700 Series Anti-Slip Stair Treads were originally developed for mass transit stairways and can withstand severe impact and extremely heavy traffic without cracking or delaminating. Their unique walking surface consists of a special anti-slip nonskid formulation, bonded to a heavy duty extruded aluminum base. The anti-slip surface maintains its integrity for the life of the tread.

These renovation treads will not absorb dirt, liquids, or common contaminants and can be easily cleaned with routine cleaning procedures.

Treads shall offer a continuous non-slip walking surface, uninterrupted by exposed ribs other than a single .125 inch demarcation line for optional colors, matching or contrasting, to assist the visually impaired. Treads will be capable of withstanding severe impact and meet ASTM-D2444 without cracking or delaminating, meet Federal Standard 141 and be capable of immersion in a saline water, oil, fuels and detergents without softening, afford a non-slip walking surface to meet ASTM-F609 with a dry coefficient of friction of 1.04 dry, and 1.00 wet. Overall thickness of the tread shall be 5/16" minimum.

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