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American Thermoform Corporation

American Thermoform Corporation

1758 Brackett Street
La Verne, CA 91750


American Thermoform (ATC) was founded in 1962 with the introduction of a revolutionary product – the Thermoform 55 Brailon Duplicator. The Brailon Duplicator and its specially formulated plastic-like sheeting material (Brailon) allowed users to create multiple copies of Braille in a remarkably quick manner. Prior to the introduction of this product, Braille documents were produced one sheet at a time using a Perkins Brailler or Slate and Stylus.

Since 1962, ATC has pursued one primary goal: to develop and provide quality, affordable products to enrich the lives of the blind and visually impaired. This remains ATC’s goal today and for the future.


Braille Labels

These braille label products are available in both continuous-feed and cut-sheet options. The labels are both cleanable and antimicrobial.

Braillo 300 Braille Embosser

Much like it’s predecessor, the award winning Braillo 200, the Braillo 300 braille embosser is also a reliable, dependable, and ideal embosser for medium to heavy Braille production; it is distinguished by its speed. This embosser features an adjustable speed option, giving customers the ability to emboss at either 200 or 300 CPS (600-900 pages per hour), or anything in between. With its exceptional dot quality and consistency, it is used across the world by many of the largest Braille production houses. Despite embossing Braille at such a quick rate, it is also extremely quiet.


Braillo 600 Braille Embosser

The Braillo 600 Braille Embosser is a larger and faster counterpart to the popular Braillo 300. At 600 CPS (1800 pages per hour), it is twice as fast as the Braillo 300. It is extremely reliable and capable of being used for around the clock Braille production.

  • Prints both 6 and 8 dot Braille
  • Interpoint / Single-side
  • 600 characters per second (1800 pages per hour)
  • High Quality Braille

Canute Braille Tablet E-Reader

Canute is the first multi-line braille e-reader, which enables the reader to consume more information, as well as enjoy a more enriching reading experience when compared to the standard 1 or 2 line braille displays currently available.  The relatively small size allows the Canute to be either stationary on a desktop, or portable enough to go with you to work or school.  Packed with usability features and at an affordable price point of just $2,500 (which includes shipping), the Canute is changing the game for readers of electronic braille.

Canute has 360 braille cells over 9 lines, and sells for $2,500.  Most current braille displays and e-readers have only 40-80 braille cells over 1-2 lines, and sell for upwards of $5,000.  Instead of reading words at a time, the reader is instead reading paragraphs at a time!

Canute is intentionally built with just the features you need, in order to deliver an affordable price point.  Key features include:

  • Canute can store up to 10,000 books
  • Easily add more books of your choice
  • Compatible with .brf and .pef files
  • Supports all 6-dot braille codes – including music, math, languages and graphics
  • 360 cells: 9 lines of 40 braille characters
  • Dimensions: 14.5″ x 7.5″ x 1.5″, 6 lb.
  • 2x USB A, 1x USB A, HDMI out, SD Card slot, 3.55mm audio out

Duxbury Braille Translation Software

Duxbury Braille Translation Software (DBT) is known for its easy of use and accurate translation, and is the world-wide leader for text (print) to Braille translations, Braille editing, formatting, production, publishing and related tasks. Simply type your desired text into the Duxbury program (much like Microsoft Word), choose “Translate” and then “Emboss” and instantly your written text is converted to Braille, sent to your embosser and out comes a Brailled document.

DBT includes math Braille, tactile graphics (via the FREE QuickTac program) and so much more. DBT is complex for the most detailed of textbook publishers and easy enough for those just learning Braille translation.

NimPro Braille Translation Software

Duxbury Systems is introducing a new product, NimPro, to read NIMAS files. This product automates many of the common transcriber steps, which may be very time consuming. These files can then be exported to DBT (version 11.1 or higher) or to MegaDots (version 2.4 or 2.5).

Swell-Form Graphics Machine

The Swell-Form Graphics Machine (often referred to as a fuser) is a simple, fast and low cost method of creating stunning tactile maps, diagrams, text and graphics. This machine has revolutionized the process of creating these tactile images. Using the special Swell-Touch paper, simply print onto this paper as you normally would through your standard printer or copy machine (we recommend a laser printer/copier, as it creates finer lines). Once the desired image is onto the Swell-Touch paper (or, swell paper, capsule paper, microcapsule paper, flexi paper), run this paper through the Swell-Form Graphics Machine. As it goes through this machine, the heat reacts with the black ink (only the black ink, no colors) and causes it to “swell” or puff up, creating the tactile image. The rest of the paper and any colors, will remain flat.

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