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American Floor Mats

American Floor Mats

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Deluxe SoftStep Anti-Fatigue Mat

Soft Step is a dense vinyl sponge anti-fatigue mat and one of the most affordable anti-fatigue mats on the market. It provides a “soft step” to lessen fatigue. This mat is available in stock sizes or rolls that are easily cut to size.

  • One of the most economical anti-fatigue mats
  • Now available in black/yellow, black and grey in both 3/8" & 5/8" thicknesses
  • Applicable in all dry work areas

EverSoft Vinyl Anti-Fatigue Mats

EverSoft Anti-Fatigue Mats, with their ribbed, soft vinyl construction, are an economical option to help reduce workers' fatigue and increase productivity.

  • Vinyl construction provides added chemical resistance.
  • These anti-fatigue mats have safety beveled edges.
  • Available 3/8" thick
  • Made from 100% soft vinyl

High Energy Anti-Fatigue Mats

High Energy mats are made of a unique cross-linked PVC compound, which has incredible flexibility and immediate rebound. Especially engineered to outperform similar mats, High Energy keeps a "pep in your step".

  • Cross-linked blown vinyl sponge material
  • Available in 3/8" thickness
  • Random grooves help this mat mold to your foot

Sterile Room Anti-Fatigue Mats

The Sterile Room Anti-Fatigue Mat provides comfort in sterile environments including operating rooms, pharmacies where medicines are mixed, laboratories, radiology rooms and HazMat areas. The SBR/Nitrile compound is resilient, and totally anti-microbial. Tested to withstand extensive sterilization in an autoclave, the mat’s solid, non-porous surface can also be wiped clean. The “domed” surface design provides an ideal level of comfort, while the individual size fits flat into standard autoclaves for efficient, effective cleaning.

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