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American Beauty Equipment

American Beauty Equipment

830 Fairway Dr.
Bensenville, IL 60106


We Represent Many Maker of Fine Beauty Salon Industry Equipment & Have Pieces From Many Places. Plus Unique One of A Kind Items. We Specialize In Making New Things, Designing Salons & Selling The Equipment To Go Into That Business! We Are A REAL Beauty Equipment Company.


Full Electric Barber Chair Italica 8302FE

Totally electric and made for larger customers that have a hard time getting in and out of barber chairs. Great for partially handicapped customers as the arms can be removed. Once they are in push the button to smoothly recline them and lift their calves up for a shave. When finished push the button to go back to the sitting position. The arms remove for washing hair, ease in entering and leaving and cleaning of the chair. Turn the arms outward to make the chair look larger and wide to a tapering effect. A very nice barber chairs sold all over the world to our customers. Order now get it shipped quick within 7-10 days tops.

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