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Allergy Apparel

Allergy Apparel

PO Box 183
Manakin Sabot, VA 23103


Allergy Apparel™ works diligently to offer the best selection of food allergy safety products.Epinephrine and inhaler carriers, medical alert jewelry, books, buttons, tattoo's, and more. 


Personalized ID Wristbands

Complete your kiddo's ensemble with a personalized medical ID bracelet.  We have your kiddo covered for the moments they are feeling like a princess, social butterfly, activist, monkey, pirate, or buzzing around.  Her personalized food allergy alert combo pack includes: Princess, Butterflies, Girl Monkey, Bugs, Pirate Princess, Froggy.  His personalized combo includes: Dino, Baseball, Boy Monkey, Sailboat, Airplane, Train, & Pirate

Vital ID Allergy Wristband

Our Medical ID Bracelets are a fresh approach to medical alert bracelets already on the market. We solved the problems often highlighted by wearers of traditional “metal” bracelet ID’s. Problems that would normally prevent them from wearing any kind of medical bracelets or medical alert bracelets.

We have developed quality medical ID bracelets that eliminates the need for engraving. The design also allows for easy update of your information. Tough enough to withstand the demands of everyday use. Some of our customers have worn our bracelets several years and have purchased bracelets for others as they have loved using them so much.. a testament to how well made our medical identification bracelets are.

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