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Air Rover, Inc.

Air Rover, Inc.

12679 FM 3311
Tyler, TX 75708


SL Series Portable Slim Line Air Conditioners

The SL Series is a special line of thin-line air conditioning units with all the features of the Air Rover XLP units, but with a detachable condenser converter which allows the unit to easily be rolled up through a narrow European type of door. Sizes available are 1.5 to 5 tons for 50Hz applications. The SL Series units are designed with zero ozone depleting refrigerant R-407C.

XLP Series Portable Air Conditioners

Air Rover XLP Series portable HVAC systems provide environmental stability for a wide range of cooling applications. The XLP can be deployed in a corner on the floor or mounted on a wall, ceiling or be positioned in a separate room with cold, filtered air ducted via floor, ceiling or wall vent.

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