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13864 Bennett Road
Cleveland, OH 44133


Martin Yale P7200 Letter Folding Machine

The Martin Yale P7200 is a one of a kind machine in it's category. Small and easy to store, this machine does most common folds and a continuous feed of up to 50 sheets of 20 lb. bond. It's able to accommodate most copy papers and letterheads, this unit is sure to be a success in any small office or moderate mailing environment.

Duplo DF-755 Paper Folding Machine

Designed with the budget conscious in mind, the DF-755 quickly and easily folds a variety of paper sizes and types at speeds up to 120 sheets per minute.

The DF-755 provides the most folding versatility with all its features, performance, and reliable compact frame. At an affordable price, its standard features include a new 4-digit digital counter that can be reset to keep accurate count of folded documents, special "cross-folding" for right-angle folding, two knobs to make fine-tune adjustments, adjustable receiving roller to ensure smooth delivery, new paper detect sensor for the feed tray instead of a switch, accommodation to six popular folds and five paper sizes, and a jam detector that automatically halts operation. A tray tension control feeds a wide range of paper stocks quickly and easily. The DF-755 can be adjusted to provide versatility for non-standard paper lengths and folds. Folding at speeds up to 120 sheets per minute, professional documents are neatly folded with crisp, accurate folds. First-time users become comfortable and experienced users almost immediately.

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