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Adam's Polishes

Adam's Polishes

8225 N. Valley Highway
Thornton, CO 80221


Adam's Premium Car Care signature product line includes car wax, sealants, dressings, cleaners, and polishes – all guaranteed to outshine and outlast any product you've used on your vehicle. Our products are not mass-produced and each is carefully formulated with special blends of high-quality polymers, acrylics, and waxes. We constantly reevaluate and test our blends to ensure that we are offering you the most technologically advanced and safe products available. We at Adam's Premium Car Care Products always prefer quality over quantity.


Adam's Detailing Stool

Adam's Detailing Stool is the perfect companion for any garage and your detailing arsenal! Comfortably sit in the height-adjustable, over-sized seat, perfect when working on paint correction and polishing of side panels, bumpers, and lights, or thorough detailing sessions of wheels, tires, exhaust tips, and more!

The Adam's Detailing Stool is equipped with heavy-duty rolling wheels that allow you to quickly roll around your garage or driveway, taking stress off your body and allowing you to be more mobile. Featuring 2 large bottle holders and an over-sized storage tray below the seat, you can securely equip everything you need to conquer your project with ease. Your knees will thank you!


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