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Acoustic Magic

Acoustic Magic

35 Peakham Road
Sudbury, MA 01776


Acoustic Magic is a privately held company, founded in 2000, located near Boston, with the objective of creating a family of array microphones with pickup range superior to conventional microphone technology.


Voice Tracker™ I

The Voice Tracker™ I Array Microphone has an analog audio output at mic level, and is powered by a wall power converter so there is no risk of loss of performance as batteries run out. A USB adapter is an available option for use with MACs, and laptops with low performance sound cards.

The Voice Tracker™ I Array Microphone has a built in ceiling mount capability, which removes the clutter of mics on the conference table.

The Voice Tracker™ I Array Microphone can be used in conventional conferencing systems that have AEC. The Voice Tracker™ II Array Microphone was designed for use with VoIP conferencing systems that need the AEC built in to the microphone itself.

Voice Tracker™ II

Voice Tracker™ II Features

  •     Automatic electronic steering of “listening beam” to talker location
  •     Two stage noise reduction (spatial filtering and noise reduction processing)
  •     Built in High Quality Acoustic Echo Cancellation.
  •     6 element, 10 inch long mic array for long range
  •     Mute Mode
  •     5 element “in range” light to indicate location of chosen talker and sufficiency of signal
  •     Talker location signal thru DB 9 jack (cable optional)

Compatible with a variety of operating systems including:

  •     Apple/Macintosh : Mac OS, Mac OS X
  •     Microsoft : Windows 3.x, Windows 95,Windows 98,Windows NT, Windows 2000,Windows ME, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
  •     Linux

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