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456 SW 19th Street
Normandy Park, WA 98166


AccessaMed, Inc.™ is an assistive technology company who created the Digital Audio Label, the new generation in accessible prescription drug labeling. The founders of AccessaMed™ identified the need for a safer and more independent way to take medication first hand. As a team with a visually impaired founder, AccessaMed™ prides itself on creating technology by the blind, for the blind. Founded in 2011, the mission of this company has been to provide pharmacists the accessible prescription drug labeling solution that best serves their blind, print impaired and senior customers while satisfying legal requirements.


optaPHONIC™ Digital Audio Label

The optaPHONIC™ Digital Audio Label is two inches tall by one inch wide and adheres to any surface. With a push of its button, the user hears a clear audio description of the information recorded using the optaPHONIC™ Docking Station and optaPHONIC™ Text-to-Speech software.

The Digital Audio Label is fully selfcontained and requires no additional equipment to operate. With a battery life that lasts a minimum of 400 minutes, it will last for 400 pushes with a 60 second message.

The optaPHONIC™ system has the capacity to accommodate the accessible labeling needs for companies from local to international scale, including pharmacies, supplement retailers, assisted living, active adult communities and more.

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