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ABiSee, Inc.

ABiSee, Inc.

11800 31st Court North St. Petersburg
Petersburg, FL 33716



With a single keystroke, the Eye-Pal instantly converts printed material into speech, text files or refreshable Braille.

We designed simplicity and ease of use into all facets of the Eye-Pal. Its two lightweight aluminum anodized legs pivot into a L-shaped position from their compact carrying position. The L-shape configuration securely supports the Eye-Pal, assures that its scanning camera is always at the exact distance to obtain a crystal clear image and serves as a tactile guide for blind users to precisely position the material to be scanned. No camera focus adjustments are ever necessary.

At home, at the office, even in the dark, Eye-Pal allows you to browse through piles of letters and organize them either as paper or computer files. Eye-Pal can assist with reading bound books, newspapers, or professional magazines and can even save the printed material as text or sound with one click.

Eye-Pal’s patented motion detector can scan up to 20 pages per minute in a bound book. Just turn a page in your book and wait for the shutter sound. After you hear the shutter sound turn the page again. It's that easy. With a single keystroke you can easily start and stop scanning or reading or get the description of the page layout spoken as a sighted reader sees it.

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